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The Back 40

It's Never Enough By John A. Hallock

Posted on June 13, 2015 at 5:15 PM

  Years ago while our girls were growing up my wife and I enrolled them into a Karate self defense class. We figured just a little info would teach them the basics of self-defense and give them a little confidence. Wow! It worked. I’d strongly suggest everyone do this for any child. These shy, bashful girls ended up getting brown belts. I asked one of them what she learned and how she would take out an attacker? When I reached to put my hands around her neck she moved quickly, grabbed hold of the front of my shirt, stuck out a hip, and threw me to the ground in front of her like I was a big bass on the end of her stringer. Then she looked down at me and said, “I can break a man’s thumb if I have too. Do you want to see that?”

   One of the things we told our girls before they left home in the woods and went to school in the Twin Cities is if they ever find themselves in a situation where they wondered if it was time to use their Karate, it was time to use their Karate.

   It’s the same with a fisherman who may confide in a fishing buddy, “I really wonder if I have enough fishing equipment to be successful?” The answer is easy, if you have to ask, you don’t have near enough fishing equipment. Start with rods, a half dozen or more of them, and several of the new lures. At least it’s a start.

   I pity the bow hunter who asks, “Do I have enough arrows?” NO! I mean would a hunter ask if he had to many hunting knives? The answer being, of course, again, NO!

   Hey guys, this outdoor sports is important stuff. You need all the equipment you can get your hands on. I remember reading a story by the great writer, Patrick McManus. Where he observed, to the effect, that a hunter was home free to purchase more guns when he asked his wife if he can buy a new rifle and she answered, “Are you kidding me? Just how many rifles do you already have?”

   Remember, if you have ask, you don’t have enough. Now pass me a couple more of those new Jitter Bugs. And watch your thumbs when you’re around bashful, innocent looking coeds.

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