The Back 40

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The Back 40

The Price Is Right Buck By John A Hallock

Posted on June 15, 2015 at 6:40 PM

   For a hunter or fisherman rain should mean, “get out there!” It doesn’t matter if you’re a deer hunter sitting in a cold November downpour or a bass fisherman casting to spawn beds through a misty June shower. Rain signals movement to game. ‘Up and at ‘em.’

   Rain signals movement to sportsmen too. Unfortunately, it is movement in the wrong direction. They always head indoors. It could be a warm woodstove, or an empty bar stool, or even a tent with a floor and a cot. They’ll add food, drink, and a cribbage board and usually be done for the day.

   While they’re counting 15s the big buck they’ve been seeing in night photos on trail cameras is finally out during the day and standing 15 yards from their stand.

   In fact, true story, it happened to my brother Bill. It was a chilly day, a little rainy and November. The rut! He’d gotten to his stand before dawn. But by around 10:00 he was cold, wet, and hungry.

   He decided to take an hour break. He’d get something to eat and some warm, dry clothes. He walked the short distance from his stand to home. He dried out and ate a sandwich from his couch while he watched The Price Is Right on TV.

   Right after the last Show Down he was out and on his way back to his stand. Hours later when the uneventful day was over he picked up the card from his trail camera and went home. When he looked at his photos he saw the only deer that passed his stand all day was a big 10-point buck while he was home watching The Price Is Right.

   This, of course, is proof positive the old saying, “You can’t shoot a deer from your couch,” is true. But then, it also disproves another old saying. If you’re a hunter or fisherman have enough sense to go out INTO the rain, because The Price Is Right Buck is waiting for you, too.

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